[TYPO3-typo3org] How to get a project newsgroup?

Ingo Renner ingo at typo3.org
Wed Dec 1 14:22:05 CET 2010

Stanislas Rolland wrote:

Hi Stan,

> I would like to know how to proceed in order to have a new newsgroup set
> up for sr_feuser_register (typo3.projects.sr_feuser_register).

To be honest I would not like to see a list for that extension. The 
reasons simply is that many people have a love-hate relationship with 
it... (unfortunately, more likely a hate relationship)

Also, there have been attempts in building a new, better and more 
consistently working user registration extension and also integrating 
that into core. - It's some how unlogical to ship a login extension, but 
not having a way to register users in the first place.

So my suggestion would rather be to create a general list 
"user-registration". You can use that list, and once the new user 
registration extension project people get more going they can use it, too.

all the best

Ingo Renner
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