[TYPO3-typo3org] News Newsgroup for Project PIWIK

Jonas Dübi admin at commandline.ch
Mon Nov 30 09:50:09 CET 2009

Hello Everyone

Since some months I'm trying to get all the piwik extension developers 
together to make one (or two) big projects with a team in the back!

And they are really great developers, they did not hesitate and 
immediately started to discuss how to bring all the source code together!

The target is now to get all the piwik extensions into two extensions, 
one for piwik installation with backend integration, and one for the 
frontend integration. So the user can choose if he wants to have the 
piwik within TYPO3 or just the javascript (with filedownload and all 
other interessting tracking features...)..

The list of recipients in this discussion is growing and growing, so we 
would really like to start a newsgroup for discussing the piwik projects.

Would it be possible to get such a projects.piwik newsgroup?

Greetings from Basel

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