[TYPO3-typo3org] TSConfig manual have vanished from typo3.org

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Tue Mar 24 17:55:05 CET 2009

Francois Suter schrieb:
> Hi,
> OMG everything is gone now :-(

Here is the list of all documents that are configured (don't wonder, 
render miss a lot)

Extension key  	Category  	
doc_tut_quickstart_fr 	Tutorials 	
doc_core_tsref 	Core Documentation 	
doc_tut_quickstart_de 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_quickstart 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_quickstart_es 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_quickstart_dk 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_qstart_nl1 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_qstart_nl2 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_templsel_de 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_templsell_fr 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_templselect 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_templselect2 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_templselect_nl 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_backend 	Tutorials 	
player_profile_basic 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_ftb1 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_ftb1_fr 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_frontend 	Tutorials 	
doc_tv_de 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_n1 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_n2 	Tutorials 	
doc_tut_n3 	Tutorials 	
doc_core_tsbyex 	Tutorials 	
doc_core_tsbyex_fr 	Tutorials 	
doc_vmware 	Tutorials 	
doc_typo3_dummies_fr 	Installation 	
doc_core_api 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_cgl 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_compclient 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_compserv 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_inside 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_services 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_ts 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_tsbyex 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_tsconfig 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_tstemplates 	Core Documentation 	
doc_template 	Core Documentation 	
doc_statictmpl 	Core Documentation 	
doc_core_tsconfig 	Core Documentation 	
doc_inst_upgr 	Installation 	
doc_tut_templselect_es 	Tutorials 	
doc_l10nguide 	Core Documentation 	
doc_tv_de 	Tutorials 	
tut_directmail_de 	Tutorials 	
tut_fe_user_register 	Tutorials 	
tut_newloginbox_de 	Tutorials 	
tut_sr_feuser_register 	Tutorials 	
tut_tipafriend_de 	Tutorials 	
tut_tipafriend_en 	Tutorials 	
tut_ttproducts_de 	Tutorials 	
tut_ttproducts_it 	Tutorials 	
tv_ap_tutorial 	Tutorials 	
mfc_doc_suse91instal 	Installation

i change tsref and tsconfig now to references.

vg Steffen

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