[TYPO3-typo3org] TSConfig manual have vanished from typo3.org

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Tue Mar 24 16:37:31 CET 2009


Peter Klein schrieb:
> I just noticed that the link to the TSConfig manual have vanished from 
> typo3.org.
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/references/
> The file is still there, it's just the link that is gone.
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/references/doc_core_tsconfig/4.2.0/view/

it's inside documentation:

I still stumble which ones are documentation adn which ones are references

> Another one that seems to have vanished is the "TypoScript by example" 
> tutorial.
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/
> Again the file is there, but no links on the tutorials (or other document 
> pages)
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/doc_core_tsbyex/current/

i will debug this in a silent minute. You see the manual added links, 
they are still not generated but should, something strange behaviour of 
ter_doc on typo3.org, not reproducable on other ter installations.

vg Steffen

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