[TYPO3-typo3org] package for all sysext and coredocs?

Daniel Bruessler danielb at typo3.org
Sun Jun 14 18:13:43 CEST 2009


thanks for your answers. -- So every sysext-manual needs to be an
extension doc_extkey having the category "doc". "doc_template" can be
used as template.

##question: If there is a package named "doc_sysext" what contains all
sysext-manuals (by having them as dependencies, so it's loading all):
Who would use it? I think it's best to download that manual what one
wants to read.

@Steffen: oh, did I understand it right - so we can't change the code of
the core-extensions?


> Hi,
> Daniel Bruessler schrieb:
>> Hello Michael and Francois,
>> "doc_extkey" is already in use by the core-docs => we can use this as
>> convention.
>> The question is, if it's better for TYPO3, when the sysext-manuals are
>> available fast (when already in the installation-package) or TYPO3 is as
>> small as possible (when all sysext-manuals are external doc-extensions).
>> I see doc_indexed_search has 1.1MB in the moment, that's really much. If
>> we calc 350kB * 36 [number of sysext], we get 12.3 MB of manuals.
>> -> Does it matter, if TYPO3 would be 12.3 MB bigger?
> may be we seperate it, and add a "doc packages" which adds all docs for
> sysexts. Would be the easiest solution.
> On t3org the simplest solution would be to add a prerendered dir and
> show it with the plugin with special configuration.
> But i'm still excluded from t3org, so no chance to do anything ... :(
> vg Steffen

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