[TYPO3-typo3org] Newsgroup typo3_4-4.general

Sebastian Gebhard sebastian.gebhard at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 21:37:59 CET 2009

Michael Stucki schrieb:
> Hi Steffen,
>> +1. i also remember same discussion and imho result was renaming this
>> list. As we now have the list on own server it should be possible.
> I'm afraid it is not so easy. Not only the mailinglist address would
> change (that could be solved somehow as long as users update their
> address book entries), but also the newsgroup would have to be renamed.
> This is pretty delicate and tricky, so I would like to avoid the
> unneccessary work and use a static name instead.
> - michael
What about a list for >= 4.4 then?

Keep the 4.3 list as it is and open a new list for all upcoming 4.x versions. Maybe someone could 
pick up some interesting ideas from 4.3 list that didnt make it into the release and re-open them on 
the new 4.x list.

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