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Philipp Gampe phil at philippgampe.info
Mon Aug 24 22:05:36 CEST 2009

Am 24.08.2009, 21:41 Uhr, schrieb Olivier Dobberkau  
<olivier.dobberkau at dkd.de>:

> On 24.08.09 17:37, Denyer Ec wrote:
>> Not everyone who
>> doesn't like maillinglists has nothing to contribute !
> you are free to join our typo3 events where you can meet the people  
> behind the code.
> olivier

that is not the point he is trying to archive!!!

he *knows* how to get in touch and how to present ideas

unfortunally many *user* don't!

so what is asked is how one can archive a better communitcation to the  
non-skilled users who might come up with fresh ideas
looking around to other OS project, some of those discussions have happend  
and the come up with more less the same kind of ideas

it is a metter of communication and about a way to get non-dev  
contributing to TYPO3

in my opinion, this would also lead to more developpers joinning the  
improvement of TYPO3 as there are lead into helping instead of presenting  
a wall of knowledge only a few persons are willing to take on.... a nice  
hill might be a better option with some plateaus to rest :D

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