[TYPO3-typo3org] TER: Download count is not working properly

Steffen Kamper info at sk-typo3.de
Sat Apr 4 13:47:21 CEST 2009


Francois Suter schrieb:
> Hi,
>> PS: yeah i know, everything is open source, spare time and so on
> Well, yes, it's exactly that.
> Steffen Kamper has started working on this, but it seems the problem is 
> not so easy to solve. I offered my help to him, but recently I was busy 
> preparing a conference for a Swiss TUG meeting (also community work) so 
> I couldn't help that much in the end. Other core team members have been 
> busy with regressions in recent releases. We all do our best. I know it 
> sounds disappointing sometimes and I experience such disappointments 
> from time to time too, but there's nothing to do but get over them and 
> be patient.
> Cheers

exactly, we try to solve this next week.

BTW - don't start new threads with same issue again and again.

vg Steffen

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