[TYPO3-typo3org] "Sites made with TYPO3" - Bugfixes & New Features

Timo Rehmann typo3 at pixelrund.de
Wed May 7 19:33:52 CEST 2008

Dear all,
we have implemented some new features, some suggestions from the 
community and last not least fixed some minor bugs.**

- top-list: fixed a bug which listed entries, that had been deleted in 
the backend
- tagcloud: fixed a bug which ignored the TOP-setting for the cloud (it 
exists an conf-parameter, which allows to show random tags or all tops 
in the short tag-list)

- added some bold wraps to the statistics-labels
- added the average-rating-value to the rating overview
- added a javascript-confirmation for the offline-/noTYPO3-link
- fixed a bug, which returned a dumb "1", if the offline-link was hit
- fixed a bug that occured if a page had been remarked and then had been 
rated: the notify-feedback was still displayed
- renamed the label for this link
- (we've already deactivated user-notification and auto-hide-feature a 
few weeks ago, still an admin-noticication is sent)
- added a TS-parameter for the notifications (enable/disable)
- added further configuration settings (login required for notify 
offline links, user email notification (disable/enable))

- fixed a bug, which allowed to input only spaces into required fields
- added a delete-button (take care, all relations of a reference are 
deleted permanently, the reference itself is set to deleted=1)
- added a upload-error-message if files are to big (before this fix the 
form did not give feedback, so nothing happend, which was confusing)
- added an info about the maximum upload-size
- added some more explaining information to the tag-field

*"Bigger" Tasks Still 2 do*
- rollovers for the rating stars
- layout/styling

Thanks for all suggestions made!

Concerning the request for a second rating-list: of course we can 
implement such a feauture (or others), we take the suggestions into 
account and will discuss them during the "journey" to Elmshorn and will 
post our thoughts to the mailing list. Generally we would like to offer 
new features as contribution to the TYPO3-community without charging 
money for it, as we have already done with some other features (e. g. 
the statistics and the delete-function).


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