[TYPO3-typo3org] Create an link to wiki inside ter_fe

Daniel Brüßler info at -remove-patchworking.de
Sat Feb 9 19:36:10 CET 2008

Hello Georg,

yes that link in your gif looks nice.

Sorry that we used several naming-styles in the first years. There are
still some wiki-pages in the old namings.

@all: You can help to move the pages! Just log in as wiki-user and klick
"move". If you make an error I can just revert the change, because every
change is in the database.

Since about a year we use just the extensionkey as pagename.

Here the list:

By the way:
To link to the TER klick at the "TER" button in the editor. So you get
wikitext e.g.
<extension>rggooglemap</extension> (fresh from server)

The "extensiontag" gets the information fresh from the TER via SOAP, 
this needs some milliseconds. When many TER-links on a page I always use 
this, because that's very fast:
<extension3>rggooglemap</extension3> (fast version)


> ToDo
> * Change 2 lines in the ter_fe to get the link
> * Think of other places where the link would be helpful: Extension 
> Manager detail view of an extension, extension rlmp_extensiondocs, ...
> What do you think - It is your turn ;)
> Georg
> -----
> [1] http://bugs.typo3.org/view.php?id=6778
> [2] http://www.ringer.it/fileadmin/upload/participate.gif

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