[TYPO3-typo3org] Rebuilding TYPO3.org

"Bodo Eichstädt [T3C]" be at typo3cluster.com
Mon Mar 12 14:43:50 CET 2007

Mathias Schreiber [TYPO3] schrieb:
> Hello folks,
> as some might already know it is my task to get TYPO3.org to its limits 
> ...
> b) ANY help is welcome, be it...
Count me in for (in this order):
- advanced TypoScript'ing
- Page-/Content: organizing / structure / linking
- I have got a read-made quick-access menu made with pure TS that is 
working also with AND without JS (improved version of the "Go to:" one 
on typo3.org
- I can also throw in: devel / live server-resources + bandwith like T3 
with backup/rollback/copy/rename, wikis, mailinglists, .. and I would 
sponsor my admin one day a week if it makes sense ;-)
- server/php-code/sql-code optimization (for speed & traffic)
- security audit of code (XSS, ..)
- Intrusion detection / prevention for apache
- FE-pi/BE-mod

Let's rock!

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