[TYPO3-typo3org] Rebuilding TYPO3.org

Elmar HInz elmar.hinz at team.MINUS.red.DOT.net
Mon Mar 12 14:00:49 CET 2007

>>  * Single-Singn-On for all tools including wiki.typo3.org
> working (AFAIK)

For TER and bugs it works. Wiki is not AFAIK.

>>  * Integrated frontend to the news lists.
> I don't see a reason for this.
> This can be done if somebody has too much spare time, but I measure this 
> priority e (least interesting)

The reason is to have it searchable. But I admit it's not easy to beat
google. :-)

>>  * Demo Login for interested users.
> Login to?

Compare demo on: 



>>  * Prominent one-click-links to central services of the community: 
>>    Download, Demo, Wiki, Docu, TER, Mailinglists, Bugtracker 
> Dropdown Box somewhere on the page would do for me, what do you have in 
> mind?

Navigation to the most important services with as few clicks as possible.
That is one click.

>>  * Team pages with edit access for 2 editors of each team
> This is administrational stuff which should be quite easy to do.

Easy. But I think some conceptional guidelines are required before to many
people get write access.

>>  * A bunch of Web 2.0 community tools like started with http://buzz.typo3.org/
> I hate web 2.0 (the word at least), but things that are planned are 
> rating of extensions and KB articles as well as commenting on these.

I also hat that stupid word. But it has istablished itself. :-) Waiting
for a better one.

>>  * A search configuration that enables a search in all parts of the tools 
>>    including bugs, wiki, mailinglists, etc.
> This might be a huge task for the crawler I guess.
> I will dive into this.

Wonder if there is a kind of open source crawler that works with an
algorithom similar to google, but limited to the links inside the site.

Maybe the site limited google service (or whatever search engine) would be
the quick and successfull solution.




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