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Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Tue Jan 23 21:21:13 CET 2007


Please examine my replies to the list, which do not quote anyone's email 
address. I use Thunderbird with its default settings, and I just 
verified the same behavior in a default installation of Outlook. 
Therefore, if someone's email reader is doing this, they intentionally 
set it up to do that, or they have something wrong with their mail 
reader, or they're using a mail reader which isn't particularly 
concerned about spam.

So if they need to set it back, then they already know how to do it.

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
> Hi!
> Alex Heizer wrote:
>> when someone 
>> replies to your original post they have their mail program set to put in 
>> the original sender's name and email address when they reply to a post. 
>> Your reply to them in the same thread didn't include their name and 
>> header, because you don't have your mail reader set to output their name 
>> and address. I'd suggest when you see this happen, write to that person 
>> and kindly suggest they change their mail reader to not attach email 
>> addresses in the body of the message in their replies. We manually 
>> removed your email address in that thread.
> I am very skeptic about such approach.
> For example, tell me how to do it for Thunderbird or MS Outlook Express 
> - two most popular mail programs. If there is no way - forget about this 
> idea: no one will change mailer only due to this problem.

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