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Dmitry Dulepov dmitry at typo3.org
Tue Jan 23 10:25:08 CET 2007


Alex Heizer wrote:
> when someone 
> replies to your original post they have their mail program set to put in 
> the original sender's name and email address when they reply to a post. 
> Your reply to them in the same thread didn't include their name and 
> header, because you don't have your mail reader set to output their name 
> and address. I'd suggest when you see this happen, write to that person 
> and kindly suggest they change their mail reader to not attach email 
> addresses in the body of the message in their replies. We manually 
> removed your email address in that thread.

I am very skeptic about such approach.

For example, tell me how to do it for Thunderbird or MS Outlook Express 
- two most popular mail programs. If there is no way - forget about this 
idea: no one will change mailer only due to this problem.

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