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Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Jan 23 18:38:08 CET 2007

Hi Alex,

I remember that this came up some time ago already, and I thought you had
fixed it then. Now I wonder why this question is coming up again?

I think it is a no-go for a mailinglist archive to publish email addresses
in clear text. Of course, there's no total control to avoid publication of
someone's email address on any website, but at least the *.typo3.org
websites should do their best to hide them from a visitor.

See this page which shows how Mailman handles it (quite simple):

If Jive is not capable of doing that, I would even consider to require a
login for that page (therefore, shutting it down for non-registered users).

- michael

Alex Heizer wrote:

> Hi,
> Unfortunately, this isn't a Jive or Mailman thing that can be "fixed",
> you'll notice this kind of thing in the mailinglists and newsgroups,
> too, when someone replies like this. This is because when someone
> replies to your original post they have their mail program set to put in
> the original sender's name and email address when they reply to a post.
> Your reply to them in the same thread didn't include their name and
> header, because you don't have your mail reader set to output their name
> and address. I'd suggest when you see this happen, write to that person
> and kindly suggest they change their mail reader to not attach email
> addresses in the body of the message in their replies. We manually
> removed your email address in that thread.
> This is the kind of thing that moderation of the forums would help.
> Cheers,
> Alex
> Daniel Brüßler wrote:
>> Hello Matthias,
>> sorry - but it's not possible to change this, but we have it in our
>> wishlist now. We use Jive and have to wait until this feature exists.
>> kind regards
>> Daniel Brüßler
>> Matthias Habegger schrieb:
>>> hi there,
>>> spam in my e-mail-account is increased since the mailing list is also on
>>> typo3.org
>>> every e-mail adress is obvious in the mailing lists
>>> for example my e-mail adress in this tread.
>>> http://support.typo3.org:8080/jive/thread.jspa?threadID=89779&tstart=105
>>> Best regards
>>> Matthias
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