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Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Fri Feb 23 13:22:54 CET 2007

Dmitry Dulepov schrieb:
> On the page http://t3dd07.typo3.org/location.html :
> ========================
> * Travelling by airplane
> ...At the airport, the trains depart in the underground. Just follow the
> train signs and you will find the railway station. Tickets are sold next
> to the escalators that bring you to the railway tracks. A one-way ticket
> (2nd class) is CHF 7.60, you can buy it at a ticket machine or at the
> counter.
> * Travelling by train
> ...The trains to Dietikon run from track 21 or 22 in the underground at
> Zurich main station. You need to take either the S3 (to Dietikon or
> Aarau) or the S12 (to Brugg). There is a train every 15 minutes.
> If you didn't buy a ticket to Dietikon, you need to buy one at the main
> station. A one-way ticket (2nd class) is about CHF 6.00, available at a
> ticket machine or at the counter.
> ========================
> These two almost repeat each other but one says about CHF 7.60, another
> about "about CHF 6.00". I think, texts should be corrected a bit...

Hi Dmitry

You are right, the two text parts are similar - but not identical.

The upper part describes the way from the airport to Dietion, the second
one describes the way from Zürich main station to Dietikon. That's the

Train tickets are sold for so called "zones" here. The distance to the
airport is a bit longer and needs an additional zone - therefore the
ticket is a bit more expensive.

The map at [1] shows an overview on the area, showing where the airport,
the main station and the event's location are. Just have a look.

I hope I could explain it. If you have other questions, just ask me.

Greetings from the T3DD07 location,

[1] http://t3dd07.typo3.org/map.html

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