[TYPO3-typo3org] TER captcha problems

stefano cecere scecere at krur.com
Sun Dec 16 14:41:27 CET 2007

ciao martin

the problem is in the typo3.org TER feedback captcha configuration, that's why i wrote here!


Martin Holtz wrote:
> Hi Stefano,
>> i just wrote some feedback to an extension author.. to discover that
>> the captcha doen'st work well... arg
> well did you send the extension-author an mail?
> You can do it via typo3.org/extensions/repository/view/ # your extension # /
> #version # /feedback/
> So he will get notice.
> Maybe you could also post it to bugs.typo3.org - if the extension you are
> using is listed there.
>> i attach the screenshot.. i tried both p and P..
>> there is no way to regenerate the image.
>> if there is an error.. you know it in the following page (and we are
>> lucky that with the "back" browser button we don't lose the text we
>> wrote..
>> well: i think that in 2007 it's not a nice bug to have around?
>> i think we could change the captcha engine?
> well - perhaps it is an configuration error?
> Maybe there were 6 letters one outside of the image?
> but this issue you should better discuss on typo3.english
> you will get more answers:)
> regards,
> martin

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