[TYPO3-typo3org] extensions dissapearing from TER2

Peter Klein peter at umloud.dk
Mon Sep 11 14:23:16 CEST 2006

"Michael Scharkow" <michael at underused.org> skrev i en meddelelse 
news:mailman.1.1157974824.17676.typo3-team-typo3org at lists.netfielders.de...
> Peter Klein wrote:
>> Hi Michael. Is there a list of extensions that has been removed for 
>> security reasons?
> Yes, um, especially for script kiddies, right ;) I'd rather add an 
> appropriate check to the EM for 4.1

So how would normal TYPO3 developers/users know if an extension has been 
removed for security reasons then?
I have looked at the security bulletins at 
But can't find reference to any of the 2 extensions I mentioned.

>> BTW: If an extension is removed for security reasons, then why keep 
>> extensions that depends on that extension, online?
>> They don't have any use without the main extension..
> Chances are that extensions are fixed, and removing/re-adding all related 
> extensions is a major pain, especially since dependencies are not really 
> well-tested.

Why not keep the unsecure extension online too, but with a note saying that 
it has security problems.
That way people will instantly know that this extension should be avoided. 
Specially if not all is listed on 

Peter Klein

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