[TYPO3-typo3org] Performance (varnish reverse proxy)

Allan Jacobsen Allan.J at cobsen.dk
Fri Oct 27 08:55:49 CEST 2006

First impression:
This will become the reverse proxy that replaces all others, performance
is incredible(so people say), but it is not ready for general release.
If you are a seasoned network c programmer, then take it for a spin, but
be prepared for problems, and don't look for documentation, because
there is hardly any.
So far i have been able to compile it on my debian sarge after modifying
some source files, but it craches when started, so I will use a little
more time in the next week to see if i can get it running, and I will
post the results here.

Best regards
Allan Jacobsen

Den 26/10-2006, skrev "Tonni Aagesen" <goes.to at dev.null>:

>Daniel Bruessler wrote:
>> that's great, I put it into the wiki-page.
>Nice, maybe Allan can supply with something, when he is finished testing.
>> Is it needed to put it on an extra server - or can it share a server
>> with a "worker" (=Apache2/PHP/TYPO3)?
>I've just learned about Varnish existence, so I really don't know :)
>Tonni Aagesen
>www.pil.dk & www.quickpay.dk
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