[TYPO3-typo3org] Performance

Tonni Aagesen goes.to at dev.null
Wed Oct 25 20:39:41 CEST 2006

Allan Jacobsen wrote:

> Insert a reverse proxy (squid) in front of the webservers. This gives better 
> performance because even if the html(php) page is dynamic, all pictures and 
> css will be cached by the proxy. 

It might be useful to have look at "Varnish" 
(http://varnish.linpro.no/), which is a new and written-from-scratch 
accellerator created by some people with clue.

Poul Henning Kamp has some slides on the subject: 

Btw: For the danish readers that might be interested... PHK is giving a 
talk about in Varnish some time in the near feature in Århus.

Tonni Aagesen
www.pil.dk & www.quickpay.dk

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