[TYPO3-typo3org] Consolidate - don't divide?

Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Fri Oct 20 23:53:07 CEST 2006

Hi Jan,

...I guess maybe we *are* arguing different things! lol...  :)

Based on Staffan Ericcson's, Dmitri Dulepov's and Daniel Brüßler's 
beginning, I understood the question to be about non-www.typo3.org 
destinations (news, buzz, wiki, and support) running non-TYPO3 software. 
For non-main things (including bugtracking and the mailing lists), 
sometime you do need to choose the best tool for the job, even if your 
product is "creating software".

To carry that idea one step further, I would always say "use the best 
tool for the job", but I would then also stress that if it is to power 
the main site of a CMS producer itself, then make sure the "best" tool 
is "our" tool. It would be embarrassing to use Joomla! or Documentum to 
power TYPO3's site, so my vote would go towards making sure TYPO3 is the 
best thing for the job. For that it would take a good, clear analysis of 
what the site needs, what TYPO3's strengths and shortcomings are, and 
exactly what it would take to get there.

Would it take volunteers? Well, you can't count on that because 
volunteers' time and energy can be unpredictable (which is fine in some 
cases, but not when you have a target you absolutely *must* meet). So 
that would mean paying programmers. Does that mean outsourcing? 
Possibly, if people within the community can't be "hired". So then, how 
much will each item cost? Will it cost as much as purchasing another 
system? Will the reputation be worth spending more than that on TYPO3 to 
bring it up to where it needs to be?

Those are the questions I'd ask, not "should we use TYPO3 or not?", but 
"how do we make TYPO3 the best/only choice for powering our CMS-based 
web presence?"


Jan-Hendrik Heuing [DD] wrote:
> Hi Andreas,
> It's actually the case, that my idea IS to transfer typo3.org to another 
> solution beside typo3.org. If it really happens is another story. But the 
> general idea is to get a feature rich, fast, and still working typo3.org.
> JH
> "Andreas Dolleschal" <andreas at developer.at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
> news:mailman.26516.1161331665.20124.typo3-team-typo3org at lists.netfielders.de...
> Hi,
>> I think you're arguing something that wasn't the main point...
> Hmm, sorry. I did understand that there is a discussion to migrate
> typo3.org and/or typo3.com to any other tool. If this is not true ignore
> my post.
>> Including the typo3.com and typo3.org websites.
> Yes right now, and that is ok.
>> I think everyone trusts TYPO3 at this point. :)
> If you are a potential customer and want to inform yourself you maybe
> don't trust the system until that.
> Best regards
> Andreas
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