[TYPO3-typo3org] Consolidate - don't divide => a solution

Staffan Ericsson staffan at zytor.com
Fri Oct 20 14:35:57 CEST 2006

JoH asenau skrev:
> Hi folks.
> Just an idea how to consolidate the different sections while still keeping
> them as separate domains:
> As far as I can see the only bad thing with the current state of the
> sections is, that they are hard to find if you don't know they exist. So
> what about having the different sections as simple items of the typo3.org
> main menu linking to the subdomains?

This was my point and something like this is the solution. I don't give
a damm if a function runs on one machine and a diffrent function runs on
machine number fiftyeleven as long as there is a good navigational way
between them.

Just keep the apperance and content easily avaible.

Keep it visibile as Donald Norman would have said.


1. Donald Norman www.jnd.org

> It would be enough to see a "Wiki", "News", "Support" link when you just
> entered typo3.org. The selectbox at the upper right corner simply doesn't
> get noticed, since you can't see what's in it (and it's still missing some
> sections)
> Maybe a "menu of these pages with abstract" together with some nicely
> designed icons could be helpful. This could be much better than the current
> list of news items, that IMHO should be moved to a smaller right column
> while the main column could contain such a teaser menu of "external URLs"
> linking to the subdomains.
> If we agree on this I would be glad to setup this new home page, maybe with
> some help from people who are better icon designers.
> Anybody?
> Joey

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