[TYPO3-typo3org] The end user defined

Graham Solomon graham.solomon at powys.gov.uk
Thu Oct 19 11:11:26 CEST 2006

Staffan Ericsson wrote:

> Hi all!
> Do we have infiltrators from Joomla, phpNuke, Mambo, Sharepoint or
> Polopoly in the TYPO3.org team? It seems like there is a tendency to
> divide the TYPO3 webprecense among several different sites.
> The way to take over a nation is by divide and conquerer and I got more
> and more a feeling of that when it comes to TYPO3's websites.
> We got more and more sub domains running with little presence on the
> main  page TYPO3.org or on TYPO3.com
> typo3.org is a site for developers - but where is the end-users site for
> TYPO3? Should TYPO3.com be less a marketing site and more for the
> end-user?
> news.typo3.org should not exist - why not run all news on .org? It will
> make the good impression of a living community. Why wasn't the latest
> security alert (fe_admin_lib) published on TYPO3.org?
> buzz.typo3.org should at least have a little content on TYPO3.org so one
> could at least see what's new?.
> wiki.typo3.org is a good start but I liked the comment system of old
> TYPO3.org better - it was more easily available and solved more problems
> for me than the wiki has ever done. A few moderators of the
> documentation should take the best of the comments and incooperate it in
> the manuals. It should maybe be an option of the extension owners to
> receive automatic emails as soon as a comment is posted opening a
> possibility of faster support/development.
> Kaspers great pod casts should be published on the front page - they
> draw attention and markets TYPO3 in a good way. It's easy for the not to
> frequent visitor that the pod casts page has gotten an update.
> That became a long post - sorry.
> .staffan

I agree with a lot of what you have said Staffan, I do not understand why
news.typo3.org isn't part of typo3.org, I check that site as a separate
bookmark because otherwise I would miss most of the news. buzz.typo3.org
could be integrated but could also stay as is with some 'tasters'  on the
homepage somewhere. And the podcasts(which I really enjoy!), I saw the news
post for the 1st one but then several months later I realise these have
been a regular thing that I have been missing as they're @
typo3.org/podcast which as far as I can see isn't linked to(clearly

Personally I like the design of the site, it's clean, but I would like to
see it overflowing with information from all of these subdomains which make
up the community.


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