[TYPO3-typo3org] The absent father comes home

Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Mon Oct 16 11:11:14 CEST 2006

Hi Joey!

JoH asenau wrote:
>>> If there is anybody interested in helping us with this project, feel
>>> free to contact me.
>>> And it would be nice if someone of the "officials" could give us BE
>>> access to "enable us to share" ;-)
>> These are all already available under support.typo3.org
>> (categorization, commenting, ratings, no extra cost). Plus, a visitor
>> can search all the mailing lists plus snippets at once instead of
>> doing a mailing list search on one site then going to another site to
>> search snippets. Also, forum visitors can request that a particularly
>> helpful post be turned into a snippet directly, and forum users can
>> be set up as "experts" on specific areas of expertise (to help
>> disseminate knowledge). The KB is also RSS enabled so people can
>> subscribe to each category they're interested in. Contact me offlist
>> and I can set you up as a KB administrator so we can start getting
>> some new snippets in.
> Sounds (and looks) great, but there are 3 questions left:
> Could it be that the login for support.typo3.org differs from the typo3.org
> login? (If yes, why isn't there a single sign on?)
Yes. Not sure, but there have been offers to work on this for the 
single-signon that they're already doing for the bugtracker and t3org. 
I've been too busy lately to get this together, but it would be nice to 
have and it's on the list. Since I'm not a programmer, I can only act as 
a doorman to allow a programmer to access what they need to within Jive. 
Last time I'd discussed this issue was with Ingmar a few months ago.

> Can you assign more than one category to a snippet entry? (If not, can this
> be implemented?
Yes. :)
> Can you activate at least some <pre>-Tags to make it possible to publish
> snippets including whitespace like tabs and spaces and the use of html-tags
> inside the TS-code (so anything inside the <pre>-Tags should be
> "htmlspecialchar-ed")?
Yes, you just wrap it with [code] [/code] tags, which will preserve it 
all and set everything as "htmlspecialchar-ed". You can see it in the 
bottom line of the (currently) only sample KB item here: 

It is also css-stylable, so we can make it look however we need to in order to distinguish it from regular text.

> So in fact there were 5 questions ;-)
But only 4 answers. I owe you one. :)
> Especially the last one is very important, since unformatted TS-code
> wouldn't make much sense. I tested a snippet with the preview function and
> each HTML-Tag of any wrap has been interpreted as HTML code ore removed
> completely. Whitespace has been completely ignored. If you could change
> that, we definitely wouldn't need any new extension for the snippet archive.
> Anyway you can count me in as administrator.
Excellent! I'll set your login up as a KB admin and email you offlist!
> Joey


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