[TYPO3-typo3org] The absent father comes home

JoH asenau info at cybercraft.de
Mon Oct 16 04:13:07 CEST 2006

> from my point of view, the two MUST areas are an upgrade TER and a
> central Snippets (or HOW-TO) repositary
> for the latter maybe a new ext should be developed (also if
> http://www.typo3wizard.com/en/snippets/ made a good work)
> it would be perfect to let it be under support.typo3.org

I don't think a new extension will be necessary for the snippet repository,
since there is nothing that couldn't be done with pages and default content
elements or maybe an extension that offers categorisation like i.e. tt_news.

The team of authors of the TYPO3 cookbook (Christian Trabold, Peter
Niederlag and myself) already offered to work on this part for typo3.org,
since we got the official agreement from O'Reilly to publish our snippets as
long as the detailed discussion will be only available for those who buy the

Of course we could include snippets from other sources and we wanted to
include the possibility for registered fe_users to publish their snippets as
well. A commenting or rating system for the snippets could be interesting
and to motivate people to publish their snippets it could be nice to offer
some incentives for the "snippet of the month/year".

To get some usable results only two things are necessary, which haven't been
made available yet:
1. BE access to that part of the page tree of typo3.org, that will contain
the snippet archive and
2. The possibility to setup the appropriate extension(s) and the necessary

If there would be association money available for a "snippet repository
team" this would definitely speed up the process, but it's not a must have,
since we offered to do it on a voluntarily base. But maybe this money could
be used for the incentives. (i.e. tickets for the T3CON or T3BOARD, T3
books, weekend trips or whatever)

If there is anybody interested in helping us with this project, feel free to
contact me.
And it would be nice if someone of the "officials" could give us BE access
to "enable us to share" ;-)


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