[TYPO3-typo3org] The absent father comes home

Alex Heizer alex at tekdevelopment.com
Sun Oct 15 00:30:08 CEST 2006

Welcome "back".  :)

Kasper Skårhøj wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> This is what we need to do and we can start right away:
> 1) Define in detail what should be changed.
> 	- Including TER / Documentation issues.
The online documentation used to have annotations from users and 
maintainers, plus there were HOWTOs and FAQs which were all really 
helpful to supplement the mailinglists/newsgroups and documentation. If 
there is an archived copy of the annotations, HOWTOs and FAQs from the 
original mailing lists, we can move them into the KB component at 
support.typo3.org. That would make a great starting point to get the KB 
up and running.

> 3) Discuss how the nice-to-haves could get done voluntarily.
The support.typo3.org forum can have users who moderate the KB and 
either create new KB items or pull them from the existing posts. If we 
can get the old stuff from my last paragraph, I can voluntarily start 
moving them into the Jive KB. If someone wants to volunteer, I can 
create a KB moderator and they can help, too.


> - kasper

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