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TEK Development tek at tekdevelopment.com
Fri Mar 24 10:46:36 CET 2006

Hi Michael,

We had a concern about that, too. However, the company does a lot of 
open source work, and is very supportive of open source communities. 
They were also really easy to talk with. Check out some of their 
projects at http://www.jivesoftware.org/ . They believe in open 
architecture, so that different applications can easily be made to work 
together for an organization.

I am sure we'll be able to find lots of people to suggest articles for 
the KB at least... ;)

Alex Heizer

Michael Scharkow wrote:

> Hi *,
> I do like this solution very much. I have a little concern about the 
> software being closed source, but it definitely looks like a very 
> generous offer.
> The knowledge base looks very good as well, if we find people to 
> maintain it ;)
> Thanks and greetings,
> Michael

The tekdevelopment team

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