[TYPO3-typo3org] TER2 - Versionsorting for 3.8.1 and before

Stefan Geith typo3dev at geithware.de
Tue Mar 14 12:42:44 CET 2006


I have seen, that sorting of Versionnumbers is still
wrong, when viewed from Typo3's old Extension-Manager
(Version 3.8.1 and before).

When I look for my extension
(Ext Manager / Import Ext / Lookup=sg_), I see
- NewsPlus, sg_newsplus, 0.8.5 (but newest is 0.13.2)
- Glossary Extended, sg_glossary, 0.12.8 (but newest is 0.12.13)

I think, the TER2 on typo3.org sorts alphabetically
(so 0.8.x is higher than 0.13.x) but only if
called form old Ext-Manager (3.8.1 and before).
If viewed in 4rc1, it works fine.

Now I get many Mails with Questions about problems,
that are already solved, because Users are loading
OLD versions of my plugins.

So it would be great, if this could be fixed :)

If it's not easy to fix, whom can I ask to delete
some old versions of my plugins from TER2 ?

For example: these are old Versions and should be deleted:
  sg_zfelib      0.13.9
  sg_newsplus    0.8.5
  sg_prodprom    0.12.0-0.12.9
  sg_glossary    0.12.8
When they are deleted, the newest Versions should also
show up, if sorting is alphabetically ...


Stefan Geith

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