[TYPO3-typo3org] TERdesign reconditioned

Krystian Szymukowicz t33k.RE.MO.VE at RE.MO.VE.prolabium.com
Tue Mar 14 09:37:28 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Krystian Szymukowicz wrote:
>> =<20 items at one page of result? I mean - are the result browsable? 
>> What if I would like to see result from 20 to 40 'most downloaded' 
>> view? Will this be possible?
> No, at the moment there's no result browsing: Popular and newest are 
> fixed 20 entries, search results are not truncated, but I *expect* most 
> search results are not much longer than 20 (even if you look for news or 
> calendar).
> I don't see the point in making the top-20 lists browseable. Seriously, 
> who's interested in the 20-40 places of most popular extensions except 
> their authors? If you're interested in the download numbers, they're 
> there in single view. TER2 is not a prom queen election...

I am interested Michael. For example it shows me how typical TYPO3 
installation looks like.

Sometimes I do not really need specific extension but if I see that it 
has 4000 downloads I am beginning to think that maybe it's worth seeing 
and testing.

It is much simpler to get through first 100 most downloaded to learn 
what widely used extensions are there THAN go through ALL the extension 
and checking its download counter in single view (as you suggested - I 
hope it was kind of weird joke)

See also Elmar Hinz answer as it also my point of view there.

What could be helpful here in download comparison is also the downloads 
counter for specific period of time. Some ext. become obsolete but still 
have status "beta" or "stable". They have been heavily downloaded for 
example 1 year ago but now another ext in this field is/are more 
popular. The real example here can be "cal" extension by Mario Matzulla.

So IMHO it could be something like "most downloaded in 3 months" 
checkbox for example. That would show us some up to date trends.

What do you think?

>> I would propose other field in 'compact view' then:
>> 1) Title
>> 2) Most downloaded
>> 3) Popularity
>> 4) Last upload
>> 5) Manual link
>> and that could be sortable by any of the filed. That list provides 
>> some usability.
>> I know it doubles functionality of other views but in the 'compact 
>> list' you have proposed only sort by "last update" would be useful IMHO.
> (Have I written this before?)
yes you did - i was aware of that. I write "it could be sortable" to 
emphasis that in 'compact view' sorting by those specific fields will 
improve usability more than actual 'compact view'.

> Compact lists display and are sortable by title, extensionkey,  lastupload,
 > status. Sorting by manual link does not make much sense I guess.
Your guess is right. Come on ; )

>> What for is 'compact list'?
>> Can someone give me example how 'compact list' in current state would 
>> be useful for him?
> List available extensions, both reviewed and unreviewed?

Yes you can list it. But let's consider that closer. If you KNOW what 
extension do you want to check for being reviewed is not that better to 
use 'search view'? If you DO NOT KNOW what extension do you want to 
check for being reviewed... well... I don't think someone will START his 
extension searching from checking if it is reviewed or not.

If someone really concerns things like 'reviewed' there should be just 
general 'reviewed' checkbox at all views. That would give us for example 
most popular but reviewed, 'compact list' but reviewed, search result 
but reviewed etc.

The fields in your 'compact view' are now:
- Title
- Extension key
- Manual
- State
- Updated
- Rating (in future)

It would be very nice to see "most downloaded" there also.


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