[TYPO3-typo3org] TERdesign reconditioned

Elmar Hinz elmar.DOT.hinz at team.MINUS.red.DOT.net
Sat Mar 11 19:06:52 CET 2006

Michael Scharkow schrieb:
> User comments will definitely not go into this view, but on a separate
> rating part available only in single view.

As I mentioned below. Details. Keep the resultlist slim.

>> + link to wiki
> What for?

What for? To give people space to share experiences and know how about
the extension. Those thinks that don't work or are to big for user
comments tool. Isn't it a pitty if people start to exchange their
experiences on project external webpages, because infrastructure lacks
in typo3.org?

>> + link to backtracker

arrghhh!!! bugtracker. I'm tired.

>> 1.) Which informations belong into a search result list at all?
> The point is: What listing belongs to which view at all? The full list
> and unsupported list must use the compact table view.
> But what about a) Most popular, b) most recent, c) best rated, d)
> extensions by author XYZ, e) categories
> They all mean lots of scrolling if we list more than ten extensions, but
> OTOH it would be strange if the criteria they are filtered by aren't
> even listed.

The 10 best is not enough for a good orientation. Min. 20, max. 50. So
the resultlist needs also to be slim enough. A little more information
comparing full list is fine.

Full list should also be sortable by popularity!!!!

>> 3.) Is there a smart way to display additional information on
>> mouseover for the result list?
> I'd rather not fall back to mouseover or JS hide/unhide techniques for a
> list view that is meant to be quickly glanced over.

I guess it would by very simple with CSS without JS and other toys.
 It's just a question of visibility. But I am not a CSS guru.


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