[TYPO3-typo3org] My Extensions, where?

Ernesto Baschny [cron IT] ernst at cron-it.de
Sun Mar 5 23:35:46 CET 2006

On 03.03.2006 14:37, Sebastian Kurfuerst wrote:

>> One important thing I miss is the "my extensions" part in the new
>> Extension repository. Where can I manage my extensions now? I can create
>> new extension keys. I can upload my extension using TYPO3 4.0-CVS. And
>> now where do I update info, docu, etc? Or is this all now obsolete?

> I don't think docu is needed anymore - don't know the other things.

Ok, then its all right. I just missed an "overview" of my extensions,
members, etc. I guess members are not relevant anymore (everything is
"public"?). I just found the Extension Keys> Manage Keys> option where
at least I can see a list of my extensions.

>> Another issue: on upload it tells me that the "security team will have
>> to review it" before its published. Well, is this really needed? I mean,
>> this is open source, and we've always had extensions published as soon
>> as they were uploaded (release early, release often). Security is
>> important, but it should be enough just to tag extensions that have been
>> security reviewed, so everyone can live with the risk of its choice.

> I think it currently _is_ shown after upload.

I guessed so too, after I saw my extension coming public some minutes
later. I thought "whew, the security team IS fast!".

> When importing it with EM2, however, you have to check that you want to
> see unreviewed extensions as well.

Ok, then the message that is telling me that the extension won't be
published before the security team takes a look at me should be changed
to reflect this workflow.

> The Extension Security Review is really needed... Many extensions have
> bad code and maybe even security flaws... If you have time and want to
> participate in a review team, I think that would be awesome :-) (I think
> you have the required knowledge concerning SQL injection for example)

I guess I can do that, what would be the procedure to get this ball
rolling? My typo3.org account is "baschny", if that matters.


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