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Michael Scharkow schrieb:
> Hi people,
> just FYI: Robert Lemke and I are currently working on official reviews
> *and* user-ratings for extensions in TER2. Reviews are almost ready now,
> and a lot of that rating stuff has also been written already.
> I do work through this thread and will consider your proposals. However,
> there are already some points I'd like to mention:
> - extension ratings will not be implemented as a generic service because
> we need them *soon* and they are too different from generic ratings. I
> can help with creating a generic rating service for TYPO3 when I have
> time, and you can, of course, use available code for this.
> - I don't think an elaborate rating system makes sense because in most
> cases, it's not worth it. Weighted means (by reputation or usefullness
> meta-rating) are very hard to adjust properly and more often than not do
> not make any difference. I know people love to rate and review, but
> tyo3.org is not slashdot or amazon.
> - regarding the ECT efforts: We will have to see if and when you can
> come up with a reliable certification -or whatever you call it- scheme
> for extensions *and* a reliable reviewing team so that we can expand the
> reviews or ratings to include such measures.

Hi Michael, hi Patrick,

if I have observed it right, Kaspar has initiated this rating system, because
the concept of the old review team didn't work. There were long lists and nobody
has been motivated to fill them all for hundreds of extensions. ECT can't change
the world here. We need other ideas that work better. Patrik is the organizer
for this field for ECT.

The first thing we would have done, were to initiate a user rating. If it is
already on it's way, the better. I personally don't expect, that we can set up
"a reliable reviewing team", at least not without charging fees to pay the

This is what I think realistic on the review field:

* user reviews comparable to book reviews on amazon. Maybe with multiple choice
* Reviews every 3 monthes in T3N
* Review connected with an award

After all the extension user is the main source of information. He has just
tested the extension and his knowlage is fresh and up to date. Give him all
possiblities to share this knowlage with others.

What possibiliies are this?



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