[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3-english Archives before Jan 2005

Paul Sanderson pauls at iibsc.com
Mon Feb 27 17:14:52 CET 2006

Michael Stucki wrote:
> Hi Paul,
>> I notice that with the TYPO3-English list that searches weren't
>> returning results before Jan 2005:
>> Is that because archives before then have been discarded or taken off-line?
> The reason is simply that the mails were not archived before that day (because 
> typo3.org had its own list archive).
>> That would be a shame as do remember until quiet recently still finding
>> a lot of useful solutions and tips in older archives. These older
>> archives are especially useful in assisting maintenance of older client
>> sites who for whatever reason (money, time) and despite my advice on the
>> benefits of upgrading have chosen to keep using older versions of TYPO3.

I might explain this a little bit. Client's being happy with older
versions (back to 3.6.x despite there being a few fixes) is probably a
testament to Kasper and the team back then. There's not that many CMSs
out there that can have that same claim to fame: a couple of sites have
been running for nearly 3 years now!

>> I understand that for performance and other reasons online access may
>> not be able to be provided for such archives any longer.
> This is not a problem and the archives will be kept in future. However, I 
> can't change the situation for past months that were not archived.

Thanks Michael. I understand there's definitely reasons for it.

>> Is there any way to obtain these older archives. I must admit my
>> newsreader (Thunderbird) isn't the best so at storing all messages (my
>> email file is large enough), and headers beyond the previous 30 days.
> Yes that would be an option: The newsserver has stored all message since it 
> was introduced in February 2003.

Sounds promising. I'm thinking I'll download the archives and burn them
on DVD, then run a local application to search them.

> - michael

Best regards,

Paul Sanderson - iibscdev

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