[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3.org nice but 800px?

Kai Laborenz laborenz at css-praxis.de
Fri Feb 17 20:41:34 CET 2006

Erik Svendsen schrieb:

> My eyes get stressed when column width are to large. I normaly find 
> column width of 450 - 520px works best. And I don't like floating width 
> at all. And I find the font size nearly perfect. So we prefer different 
> solutions. But maybe the width should been about 850 - 900 px to get 
> more space for tables, illustrations i manuals and so on. Even if column 
> width about 450 px is regarded as best when usability and easy reading 
> considered, it's not any facit. It depends also on fontsize and 
> fonttype. A List Apart are using a width of 540px on content.

It ist really simple. If the design is based on percenteges you can 
easily adopt the line length to your needs by scaling the browser window.

The pixel width of lines is quite unimportant in terms of usability - it 
is the number of letters that counts. If this is about 60 in print (at a 
standard line height) it is considered as good readable. On screen it is 
a bit smaller - like 45 to 55 letters.

So as we dont know what is the font size of our users we better leave 
the width of the content as flexible as possible. The new design - which 
I generally really like - is perfect for a flexible width using percenteges.

I also recommend changing the extension status labels to text/css styled 

Regards, Kai

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