[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3.org nice but 800px?

Christian Trabold trabold at mehrwert.de
Wed Feb 15 14:46:20 CET 2006

>>I still prefer smaller fonts.
>>Pages like this will not look pretty without it:
> Let me share my point of view.
> I don't mind pages looking not that pretty they could look. Prettyness
> in most cases is a question of taste. But I *do* mind pages stressing my
> eyes. In the case of typo3.org, we loose readability not by increasing
> font size, but using a fixed width of 800px (450px for content). So
> either I stress my eyes by small fonts or by unneccessary line breaks.
> From a users point of view, we only need to regard *one* thing: Give 'em
> back the control over their screens.
> We therefore don't have to deny designers "dotcom optical" point of view.
> Since there's CSS to control the appearance of web pages, we have the
> possibility to fit all needs. If there are volunteers, a second CSS
> stylesheet could be added.
> My favorite example of TYPO3 driven, accessible, usable and user
> friendly website is:
> http://schwangau.de

what hurts most in my eyes is, that the discussion about the design 
basics is taken place *after* the page has been published - instead of 

Where has the new design been discussed? E.g I can't find anything on 
the design list.

Robert et al: It's IMHO the right direction and the website looks fresh 
and has a great improved information architecture - very good work! But 
please don't let the discussion about design issues erase all motivation 
while doing the change and fixing technical issues - publish such 
fundamental design-changes before launching it - maybe as a BETA release 
or something. Could be IMHO a real time and nerve saver.

just a suggestion from


PS: I don't want to step on somebodies shoes and find it hard to explain 
in english - so no offense in any way here.

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