[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3.org nice but 800px?

Paul Sanderson pauls at iibsc.com
Wed Feb 15 13:23:05 CET 2006

Kasper Skårhøj wrote:
> On Feb 15, 2006, at 11:08 , Daniel Hinderink [TYPO3] wrote:
>> Hi Kasper,
>> It's not a popular demand by my counting - yet. I say, let's give it some
>> time and not hurry.
> Absolutely agree.

Ditto. Getting the 'best' layout takes time. However, I can see that
with the combination of the TER2 and the new layout, and limited time,
this had to be done live. I think those who realise this will appreciate
  the effort that will bring TYPO3.org into a new age of usability :-)

I read in an earlier post (it's not really relevant who) saying that
extensions weren't accessible, which is not true. There were some
time-outs but since my work-day stretched through duration of the
upgrade I can say that I lost little or no time (what time I did lose
was mainly my being distracted while I went exploring the new site and
posting to this list).

And those who'd criticise TYPO3.org as being unprofessional for any
interruption at all should remember how often Instant Messenger services
like MSN, banking and so many other services on the Internet are
off-line. Here in a Australia banking sites are notoriously unreliable.
It's easy to berate what we see in front of us if we conveniently forget
the scale which TYPO3 has grown, even in the short time I've been
learning (since middle of 2003). I'd give this team an A+ given the
scale of changes.

As far as I could see all 'Public' (those who hadn't read the news items
may have been surprised) extensions that I know of and regularly use
were available, but private ones are now gone. It only took a minute or
two to find the list; though the loss of the carefully pruned selection
list, the "Get own/member/selected extensions only" list, I'd built up
the years gave me a moment of intense nostalgia ;-)

>> Again, I have no stakes in this, but I don't see why a wider design
>> would be
>> needed or would make the content more readable.
> There are certain tables which can't be condensed enough. For those I'm
> inclined to think that removal of the gray border is enough, maybe
> supported by a slightly wider page width.
> Other than that I would personally prefer a smaller font-size generally:
> The site is so information intensive that large fonts makes  it hard to
> get an overview and also "magnifies" the impression of overwhelmind
> amount of information.
> I think the "site dimensions" of the old typo3.org were close to perfect.
> Lets see what others say.
> @raz: Are you following?
>> The TER certainly works just as well in the limited width, once the
>> output
>> is fixed and very few pages (like the server compatibility page) use
>> large
>> tables.
> I still prefer smaller fonts.
> Pages like this will not look pretty without it:
> http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/references/doc_core_tsref/current/view/5/8/

Though I'm not a designer (I leave that to people with those creative
talents for graphical things), and purely from a usability perspective
of someone who hopes soon to be an extension contributing developer, I
do agree that the layout of the old site was 'close to perfect'.
Especially in the Details page of an extension when one can view the
code of files that make up the extensions (I found Opera beat both
Firefox and IE for getting the easiest printing of those views).

The large fonts, and lack of alternate colours to delineate each
separate post, made the mailing list nearly unusable (I stuck to my
news-reader all day). However, since none of us have fast enough
computers to replicate the whole mailing-list on individual machines, I
did still use the web-version of the mailing list to look up posts older
than 60 days.  It's surprising how valuable old posts from 2 or ever
more years ago are still relevant to the latest TYPO3 systems today.

As someone who wants more information on a page (I do run 1600x1200 on
my desktop) anything that will allow that is good in my books.

>>> I don't mind a few iterations here, that saves us the most time and
>>> less talk.
>> I'll stop talking now and let Robert do his work. He should take his
>> decisions in due course when he has fixed the more important issues.
>> At least that is my resumée for today.
> OK, me too.
> - kasper


Good luck with the site over the next few days. I should have taken a
screen shot of the old site (I had a browser left open from last night)
and kept it as my desktop background. Missing it a little still ;-)

Best regards,

Paul Sanderson - iibscdev

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