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Mario Rimann typo3-coding at rimann.org
Sun Aug 27 16:23:37 CEST 2006

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Sebastian Kurfuerst schrieb:
>> - have *one* page listing all the jobs (including new tasks, currently
>> working on and finished tasks), showing their state and link to the long
>> description. The overview page should not contain a description.
> I fear that it makes it more difficult for users to figure out which
> tasks are interesting for them, as they would need to click at every
> task name to see the full description, and wenn they notice they don't
> like the task, they need to go back to the overview page, etc...
> As long as we have only 2-4 open tasks, I don't think writing a custom
> extension would make sense there. (Or did you think of a way to do all
> things you said without an extension?)

I fully agree! With >20 open tasks, this will be boring to figure out,
what is interresting and what not. But you said it: We don't have that
many open tasks (yet). With that small amount of open tasks, this
shouldn't be a big problem.

On the other side, I think that won't get to be a problem even with more
open tasks: As long as the "title" is descriptive enough, most
descisions will be correct upon the title. I don't expect a designer to
click on "Write a special typo3.org participation extension" in
expectation that he will find work that he wants to do.

With 4 open tasks, it should be possible to handle it manually. But an
extension would be *great*. I think we should wait a few weeks and see
how things are going. If this grows and more tasks are open or currently
in progress, we definitively need an extension. There are two in the
TER. I don't know if we could use one of them as a base (which would
save some energy in writing a special extension).

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