[TYPO3-typo3org] TESTING: Sponsorship of issues at bugs.typo3.org

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Wed Aug 23 08:40:03 CEST 2006


as Michael and others requested, they wanted to know more about the
bounty system. I think trying it out in "real life" is better, that's
why I set it up in a bugtracker testing instance:
You can find it at http://dev-bugs.elios.de .

If you want to log in as a reporter, use "reporter" / "reporter" as
login credidentials.
A reporter is currently allowed to sponsor issues.

People who want to fix sponsored issues have to be in the group
"updater" currently (we could change this as well, but I think it makes
sense). We will add anybody who wants to fix a sponsored issue to that
group. For testing, use updater / updater.

Updaters are allowed to assign issues to themselves and to others within
that group, that's why I think it makes sense to add the users manually
to the updater group. If you know how to change that behavior (that
updaters can _only_ assign a bug to themselves, not to others), please
tell me!

Please as well check out the "My Account" page in the bugtracker, as you
will find a list of sponsorships and accepted sponsorships there.

Btw... when we use the bounty system, I would introduce a new status
"Core team" (or something like that), because the "updater" user should
not be able to resolve issues (because I cannot add the patch to SVN).
(See [1])

Any comments on all of this?

Greets, Sebastian


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