[TYPO3-typo3org] Request: Move trac to a t3.org subdomain

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Aug 22 22:49:48 CEST 2006

Hi Andreas,

> I suggest that the SVN mirror and TRAC will be hosted by Punkt.de. Since
> TYPO3.org is hosted by Punkt.de already this will make some things easier.
> Let's ask Punkt.de if the are willing to offer the server and the needed
> bandwidth for this.

DigitalDistrict is doing a good job with hosting the mailing list server, I
have no objections if they want to keep Trac running under a *.typo3.org

> SSO will not be possible any time soon, but we could authenticate against
> the fe_users table from TYPO3.org using mod_auth_mysql (IIRC).

Mantis can remember my login, and I'm sure Trac can do so as well. I
personally have no problems with different logins as long as the number of
admin / privileged accounts stays at a reasonable amount.

> That is one of the reasons why I suggest to ask Punkt.de if they can
> provide another server and the needed bandwidth. Anyhow, the
> authentication process needs to be discussed in more detail.

SQL authentication could also be established through a tunneled connection
from other servers, I'm sure there are technically no restrictions about

> I suggest Michael Stucki and myself will prepare a document which
> describes the current situation, outlines the options TRAC offers and
> which of the options will serve the development of TYPO3 best and shows a
> list of tasks which need to be done to use TRAC as a development tool for
> TYPO3.

I must admit that I don't know Trac good enough yet to be able to argue
about this. I even don't know if my favourite Mantis annoyances are real
bugs or just misconfigurations.

Instead I think we should ask someone who knows each or both products very
well if he can make a comparison of them.

What we need to decide right now is if we want to wait until we can switch
to a complete Trac solution (source code browser + wiki + bugtracker) or if
we introduce these pieces step by step, starting with the SCB which it
seems we all agree about.

- michael
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