[TYPO3-typo3org] Request: Move trac to a t3.org subdomain

Andreas Otto andreas.otto at dkd.de
Mon Aug 21 08:17:43 CEST 2006

Hello Michael,

Michael Scharkow wrote:
> Jan-Hendrik has stepped ahead and set up a trac instance that mirrors
> typo3 and typo3xdev svn at
> http://svn.t3.digitaldistrict.de/cgi-bin/trac.cgi
> In Dietikon we discussed that it would be very nice to have this
> available officially under typo3.org. So this is only a reminder and a
> request if anybody (Jan-Hendrik?!) objects to switching the domain. I
> hope digitaldistrict is not worried about traffic or server performance.

I suggest that the SVN mirror and TRAC will be hosted by Punkt.de. Since
TYPO3.org is hosted by Punkt.de already this will make some things easier.
Let's ask Punkt.de if the are willing to offer the server and the needed
bandwidth for this.

I do also suggest that Michael Stucki and myself could be the persons in
charge for coordinating this.

> A few issues:
> 1. The typo3.org team and maybe the core need a private wiki, we could
> use the trac instance for that. (auth is possible, but not SSO). I'd
> then prefer dev.typo3.org as a subdomain, in the hope that someday we'll
> even get to use the issue tracker and the wiki for core development
> (maybe for 5.0)

The bugtracking- and bugbusting-team had a meeting during T3DD06 where the
possible usage of the TRAC issue tracker was discussed. The result was that
it is possible to use the TRAC issue tracker because there are no features
missing compared to the features used in MANTIS already. Still, there are a
few things to test before a migration can happen.

SSO will not be possible any time soon, but we could authenticate against
the fe_users table from TYPO3.org using mod_auth_mysql (IIRC). That is one
of the reasons why I suggest to ask Punkt.de if they can provide another
server and the needed bandwidth. Anyhow, the authentication process needs
to be discussed in more detail.

> 2. If we want more separation and only use the source and timeline, we
> could use source.typo3.org and disable the wiki completely.

Enabling and disabling of TRAC plugins can easily be done. Which of the
plugins we need / want needs to be discussed.

> 3. I'd also appreciate if we could get rid of trac.cgi and immediately
> redirect to the source view.

The server could be configured to use mod_python which is also faster than
using CGI.

I suggest Michael Stucki and myself will prepare a document which describes
the current situation, outlines the options TRAC offers and which of the
options will serve the development of TYPO3 best and shows a list of tasks
which need to be done to use TRAC as a development tool for TYPO3.


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