[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3 Jive support forum

Ingmar Schlecht ingmar at typo3.org
Fri Aug 4 09:43:02 CEST 2006

Hi Alex,

Alex Heizer wrote:
> The support forum that I had set up for the TYPO3 community is mostly
> ready to go at http://support.typo3.us . 

Really great!

> Questions/thoughts:
> - Currently this forum is at http://support.typo3.us -- where should it
> eventually go? And if it should go on a typo3.org subdomain, when should
> we set up the domain parking, before or after the beta period? I
> personally would recommend 'http://support.typo3.org', but that's just
> my preference.

"support.typo3.org" sounds fine.

> - Do we also want a separate knowledgebase subdomain in addition to a
> forum one?

I don't think a separate knowledgebase subdomain is needed.

> - There is no single sign-on for mailinglist or typo3.org users to
> integrate with the forum. 

Could you write a short mail to the Jive developers asking them to have
a quick glance at http://www.single-signon.com/ to know how complicated
integrating such a solution would be? If it's easy, maybe someone from
the TYPO3 community who knows Java would write a connector...

> This means to post to the forum users will
> need to sign up with a new account and put in the email address they use
> for the mailing lists in order for posts to be sent through the lists.
> If the email address is the same as in the mailing list, they will be
> posted once they are posted to the forum. The real world test will be to
> see what happens if the email address doesn't match. Current testing
> indicates the posts don't get accepted by the mailing list but still
> appear in the forum.

Currently you can make postings through the News server
nntp://news.netfielders.de even if you're not subscribed to the
mailinglists. It would be great if that'd be the same for the Jive solution.

What does Jive communicate with anyway, the mailman mailinglist server
or the nntp news server?

> - The forum has the default design, but we plan to use the typo3.org
> design to coordinate (modified to accommodate the forum's wider content
> area).

I think some logo-placement and typo3.org coloring should do for the moment.

> If people are happy with me offering this as-is to the community for
> open testing before going "live", I'll do that in the next few days.

Yeah, please do so! If you want a news item to be placed on
news.typo3.org and the typo3.org frontpage, get in contact with Thomas
Hempel <thomas at work.de>.


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