[TYPO3-typo3org] New page, new image

Sebastian Kurfuerst sebastian at garbage-group.de
Tue Apr 18 20:53:52 CEST 2006

Hi Christian,
> sorry, but these huge drop shadows do not look nicely in my eyes.
> IMHO they simply don't fit in the overall design and dominate the fresh
> colors too much. Maybe thin solid border would look more proper.
okay, I am happy to have another opinion. I'll wait what rasmus says
from a CI point of view.

> I liked the old images. They had some kind of a relation to TYPO3 -
> compared to the new (?) delta-flying-thing I saw on several papers...
> [BTW: Is anybody flying these in the core-team?]
> The term "royalty-free" should not be the only reason why you should
> pick images.
Of course not! Anyways, the pages we are currently discussing didn't
have any image on them. I don't want to replace any images, I just want
to make it more appealing to viewers.
Btw - I didn't choose the images because they are "royality free" - I
think they fit quite well to the page topic. Of course I am always
looking for comments or ideas for improvement.


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