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Wes Currier typo3 at wesfx.com
Fri Apr 7 09:32:46 CEST 2006

Franz Koch wrote:
>> 2. Better categorization - Nothing much has happened there for some 
>> time. We still have only a handful of categories, and only 1 ext- 1 
>> cat relations. For this issue we definitely need help from the content 
>> team to tell us what categories make sense, and from the EM devs who 
>> need to adapt to the new categories.
> I think it would be helpfull to provide something like "application 
> based" categories. Which means to create "extension packages" with 
> categories for the most used webapplications created with typo3.
> like:
> - Business-Site (csc, tt_news, realurl, indexed_search,...)
> - Business-Site flexible (same as above but with TV)
> - Accessible website (csc, cron_accessible,...)
> - Blog (collection of TimTab, tt_news, csc, ...)
> - Wiki
> - Community
> Also some extension-guide would be helpfull. By that I mean a page where 
> f.e. all the gallery extensions are tested and the pros and cons 
> described to find the gallery extension the developer is searching for.
> Maybe that could be Wiki based, but be placed somewhere around the 
> Repository on typo3.org.

I would like to see the ability to have available the option to download 
a preconfigured extension.

Take for example tt_products. It would be nice to have a t3d file 
exported from Franz,s site that matches each version(or just the 
latest)of the extension.  (this is actually possible somewhat)

Each of these t3d files would be preconfigured, with a prerequsite 
document, to import into any existing typo3 site as long as the site met 
the prerequisites. Such as "install the following extensions before 
installing the t3d file.
v.x.xx.xx   fh_library
v.x.xx.xx   table

for category functionality
v.x.xx.xx   mbi_products_categories
v.x.xx.xx   nsb_cat2menu

Then finally.
v.x.xx.xx   tt_products

Import the t3d file before checking these settings to verify functionality.

But this is probably a completely different topic.

> Just some suggestions.

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