[TYPO3-typo3org] typo3.org team - Coding & Extensions

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Apr 4 11:25:26 CEST 2006

Hi Robert and prospective team fellows,

a few words about the team's tasks, which I think lies mostly in 
maintaining the TER frontend and documentation rendering, at least 

Now that the core TER works (hopefully), we need to make sure that 
everyone can extract extension information in an optimal way from 
typo3.org/extensions. There is a fairly large Changeset (by me) pending 
in CVS which addresses some design and usability issues, mainly sorting 
functionality and better HTML output.


1. Rating of extensions - I'm just working on it, but I might need a 
little help (especially in advanced SQL wizardry) and a little time. 
Ratings will be possible in three dimensions (function, documentation, 
code/compatibility), and I'm just thinking about weighting algorithms 
(so that old ratings have some, but not too much impact on new versions, 

2. Better categorization - Nothing much has happened there for some 
time. We still have only a handful of categories, and only 1 ext- 1 cat 
relations. For this issue we definitely need help from the content team 
to tell us what categories make sense, and from the EM devs who need to 
adapt to the new categories.

3. Still more sorting/filtering/pagination as has been requested by the 
users who for whatever reasons want to see the top 50-75 downloaded 
extensions ;)

4. terfe_doc output on typo3.org - this is mainly about better speaking 
URLs and nicer CSS.

5. Different output formats for the documentation: Since we use docbook 
internally now, this should not be to hard, but probably requires 
command line tools and different programming languages...

6. The security reviews need some love although they are not public. We 
need regular notification mails and more automatization. I'm working on 
parts of that.

Note that *all* of that would significantly profit from a dedicated 
testing mirror for t3.org, where changes could be uploaded and properly 
checked. I don't necessarily need commit permissions on t3.org as long 
as I have a responsive contact there, but a publicly available testing 
mirror would be very helpful. I think a simple DB dump excluding the 
fe_users and the necessary files should suffice for that. We need to 
make sure there is also a mirror of the actual TER available so I don't 
fiddle in the production system and accidentally mark tt_news as 
insecure in all versions ;)


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