[TYPO3-typo3org] TYPO3.org team - organisation / processes

Michael Scharkow mscharkow at gmx.net
Tue Apr 4 11:03:53 CEST 2006

Moin Robert,

Robert Lemke wrote:

> So I thought about how our team should be structured in general:
>   TYPO3 Association
>     \ 
>      R&D committee
>        \
>         TYPO3.org team
>           \
>           Hosting working group
>           Templates & Design working group
>           Coding & Extensions working group
>           Content working group

I'd also welcome a dedicated group of content editors who are in charge 
of moving content around, creating new pages, making everything as 
usable as possible. This does not even involve technical knowledge, but 
rather 'journalistic experience', like Daniel provides for .com.

>   - We form a Coding & Extensions working group. That's the place were
>     Michael and I are working together. In the long run we must make sure
>     that a few members of this group are authorized and have enough 
>     information to deploy extensions and other code at TYPO3.org themselves.
>     We need a reviewing process, eg. like in the core team and we need to 
>     document important tasks and create checklists.

As long as the team is so small (=2 persons), the need for coordination 
is probably not that big, but I hope to see another one or two 
contributors and than we need some infrastructure. CVS is already there, 
and we can use our team page for a todo-list (what else should we use it 
for ;)). But really needed is a testing environment...

>   - We form a Templates & Design working group. I imagine that members of
>     the Content Rendering Group [3] and the Design Team [4] form this new
>     group. Before the Coding & Extensions group installs an extension which
>     contains not only minor changes in its frontend output, they install the
>     extension in a testing enviroment and ask the T&D group to check the 
>     design and HTML / CSS code.

The problem seems to be that the original designers don't seem to be 
residents here in the lists, or have not been very active. And given the 
complexity of e.g. the CSS, it seems far more tempting to start anew 
rather than work on the current design. I also think that the lack of 
results in the CSS overhaul is caused by the lack of testing facilities, 
i.e. a testing mirror of t3.org

> In my opinion we can only achieve a steady quality for code, design, content
> etc. if we define these responsibilities and respect them. See, I'm no
> designer and I'm really happy with the overall branding process including
> our new CD. And even though I personally might like to change certain
> things, I don't do so right away. For me a consistent design is more
> important than accepting everyone's suggestions.

I think the most criticism was not design- but usability related, and if 
the CD proposes layouts that regular users are unhappy with, there 
should be the possibility of deviating from the CD where it makes sense. 
I think there are many opinionated experts in the lists who could manage 
this. For me as a dev validity and semantic accuracy of HTML output is 
all I can offer, and hand that over to the design experts.

> - Form the working groups. We should open a thread for each working group[5]
>   and discuss the next steps and further details. If you'd like to work in 
>   such a group, join the thread and let us know your vision and what you
>   would like to contribute.

Will do that now!


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