[Typo3-typo3org] Portal-features for typo3 - let's get that stuff done

Franz Koch typo3 at fx-graefix.de
Mon Sep 19 17:33:43 CEST 2005

Hi all,

I just watched the newly available Videos from the TYCON3 - especially 
the one about the future of typo3.org. Robert Lemke mentioned some 
possible portal-features for typo3.org, like some kind of rating system, 
comments/annotations, a job-portal and maybe other usefull stuff. He 
also asked if someone 'd like to join the team. So here I am :)

Well, the reason I'm writing here is, that I'm currently working on a 
portal based on typo3 (I at least try to do it) and I planed to code 
some of these features anyway - although I'm not (yet) that familiar 
with extension-coding and the core-functions. (I allready coded 
extensions and hacked some, but I think that is quite not enough for that).

I did a little research in the TER, because many of the feature are 
allready available in seperate extensions - but those extensions don't 
work the way I'd like them to for a portal or need to be hacked to much. 
So I decided for my portal to make new ones where neccessary which work 
all together - but I haven't started coding yet (maybe next month, cause 
I need a working version till newyear).

Here is a list of general features, I think that typo3 needs and that 
have to work hand in hand to be suitable for typo-based portals. (and 
some of them could be nice for typo3.org, too).

- private messaging
- buddylist
- memberlist
- extendable user-profiles
   (modular, e.g. with or without forum-statistics, job-statistics etc.)
- auto-login
- awards
- users online
- rating / commenting
- polls
- forum with total integration of above features
   (maybe pimping chc_forum or asking the guys from typo3.net)
- extended user registration
- tell a friend
- job-board (search and provide)
- FE-'tastcenter' with an overview of 'everything'
- portal-wide search (either the forum has to be indexed
   or implemented in indexed_search)
- global categories for pages, content, media, news, polls etc. for a
   category-based search and information-handling in the BE
   (maybe based on DAM-categories?)
- some kind of 'interface' for portal-based extensions to work together
   e.g. if the user-profile get's new fields added, that the
   user-registration automatically detects them and ask them during
   user-registration or the other way

these are just some thougts and as mentioned some of these allready 
exist as an extension. Fell free to add some features or annouce your 
ideas. Especially Robert should say something :)

As for the chc_forum and the community-functions provided by the 
extension cwt_community - I tested this combination and it works - but 
it doesn't suite my opinions for a useable community/portal.
Zach Davis (coder of chc_forum) also mentioned, that there was a speed 
problem in the forum which caused heavy server-load. He recoded many 
parts of the forum so that this should be gone now, but he doesn't know 
how the forum really handles in a huge community.

CYA, Franz Koch

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