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Karsten Dambekalns karsten at typo3.org
Mon Mar 14 21:09:39 CET 2005


Ingo Schmitt wrote:
> This leads me to the point, that we should try to find a short time
> solution, wich won't be perfect for the moment, but could give us enough
> time to implement a new concept.
> Anyone with the same opinion?

Jain. :)

If typo3.org is upgraded to 3.8.0-dev this/next week, and we can use cache
headers, this might give us enough time already. Rather some (lower)
contuing pressure, than having the impression that it works again - and
pushing a real solution further into the future, because other things are
more important...

Well, that's my personal view on this, of course. And I like to contradict
myself, so here's what flashed through my mind a minute ago: Why not make
ther current TER put the actual ext data into the filesystem, write the
md5hash of the filename into the db (into the same field that now holds tha
actual data)? This should be relatively easy, and might already give a huge
boost (AFAIK the monstrous amount of data in the TER tables is a larger
part of the problems...).

Karsten Dambekalns
TYPO3 Association - Active Member

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