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JoH info at cybercraft.de
Thu Mar 10 11:13:04 CET 2005

>> I don't see the legal problem, since any extension and TYPO3 itself
>> are GPLed. GPL states clearly that there is no warranty at all.
> GPL is not proved in germany.

Since you don't sell TYPO3 you don't have to give a warranty even in
Germany, no matter if the GPL is proved or not.

>> So reviewing extensions and giving recommendations is something that
>> still gives no warranty but a better feeling for the end users.
> You really want to say this in a country where one court said, that
> someone is *responsible* for the things that are written on a webpage
> where he just links to?

Yes - because of the example given below.

>> "Dermatologisch getestet", that doesn't say anything but gives you a
>> better feeling when putting those chemicals into your face ...
> So better feeling without having more technical security. So where
> does this "feeling" come from? From the testing, if so what if
> something was wrong tested?

No - of course you will have more technical security when people with a
better knowhow check extensions.
If some extension is obviously insecure it simply doesn't get the label.

>> So it is not legally relevant but good for marketing ...
> It will be legal, if someone puts it to court.

No - since you don't say:
Checked and proved to be secure
You say:
Checked for security

And you can prove that in any case at any court even in Germany: The
extensions have been checked - period. Nothing more - nothing less.
This is usual practice for almost any cosmetical article in Germany and I
guess if there would be any possibility to make this a legal issue it would
have been done already.

> I really do not want to be in the testing group. At least we have to
> tell them that there might be problems.

They should contact a lawyer at least to check out the correct and
uncontroversal wording.


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