[Typo3-typo3org] Concept for mirroring the TER

Michael Stucki michael at typo3.org
Tue Mar 8 09:32:32 CET 2005

Ciao Roberto,

> I just uploaded my draft for the mirroring concept to our team page [1].
> Please comment on the general ideas at this list.

Basically, this looks really good to me!

Round robin: I'm not an expert with this but I guess that the DNS should not
alternate between IP addresses but CNAMES:
  => mycompany.mirrors.typo3.org
  => ch2.mirrors.typo3.org

See below why this might be helpful to still reach a specific mirror.

Why master repository? I think this is not needed at all. Why not have the
Super Mirrors doing this? The required steps seem to be easy I guess:

- Before uploading a new extension, the Super Mirror checks on all others if
  this extension is known/availble by them (for solving conflicts)
  If found => redirect the client to this server for further processing.

- If an extension is being searched and not found, one could run a "global
  search" in order to let the Super Mirrors look up at his 

Small detail:
If you want to run the repository exactly like Debian, I suggest you use
this structure:

However I like this idea more:
(If you don't want to add the version number twice, please at least make
sure that the filename is being changed when sending HTTP headers.)

How is typo3.org handling those different repositories? Will it fetch the
data from its own (private) mirror?

Why do you want to add possibility to limit traffic to a certain amount?
I guess this makes it nothing but complicated. It would be much easier if
the provider could just edit the mirror list and remove his name if he
thinks it's enough.
(If you have an easy solution for that problem, simply forget my
comment ;-))

Further ideas:
Watch the above file system structure. If we add a special (not mirrored)
subdirectory that holds the unpacked extension (e.g. "_unpacked") then we
could easily provide a diff feature which lets you compare between selected
versions. Would be very useful I guess!

Kind regards,
- michael
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