[Typo3-typo3org] TER2 suggestions

Peter Kindström peter.kindstrom at abc.se
Thu Aug 11 13:15:32 CEST 2005

Hi Robert,
>>1. Categories
>>Rename todays Categories field to Type. And add a new Category
>>field which allows an extension to belong to more than one
>>Category. And the list of categories should (of course) be
>>dynamic, not hardcoded.
> How would that be in practice? I guess the categories are defined somewhere
> at typo3.org, right? How does the EM know about the categories? Just
> letting the developer enter a comma separated list of types would be to
> error prone I think. 

Hmmm, I realise I know very little about this... :-(
I thought the categories both at typo3.org and in EM was taken
from TER metadata? Isn´t that the case?

If not, we should consider changing that (maybe not now, but at
least prepare TER2 for it). Both typo3.org, EM and TER should
get the categories from *one* central source (database table).
And that source should be flexible - not hardcoded - and have a
BE/FE interface for management.

A comma separated list is out of question, I agree. I thought
more of something like the Groups: field in the FE user form.
And the Categories should be managed separately by some sort of

>>2. Backend manager group
>>Add a possibility to "assign" an extension (or a whole
>>extensions category) to a backend usergroup.
>>This BE usergroup should have the possibility to do all the
>>things an author can do, plus:
>> - Add comments and/or ratings
>> - In some ways override the author's choices
> That's a good idea. Instead of using BE users I suggest implenting these
> functions for the frontend because changing categories in extensions won't
> be done by just change a DB record. 

I don´t have an opinion on whether to use BE och FE groups.

> So in general, we need some functionality which allows a group of people to
> sort and clean up the extension meta data, right?

Yes! But I also think this functionality should allow to
override authors choice.

I mean if an extension is a security risk or doesn´t work
anymore and the author does not care to correct this, there
should be a possibility to remove (=make invisible) the
extension and/or assign it to a new author for updating.

/Peter Kindström

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